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Nomads Tournament 2018: Guaranteed Sunshine 😎

Thank you again to all those took part in this year's summer tournament, here are the final standings from the day.


Bromley Orange [GOLD], Hayes White [SILVER], Bromley Red [BRONZE], Bromley Black, Hayes Blue [POOL WINNERS], Croydon, Trojans, Bearsted* (all boys)


Trojans Blue [GOLD], Nomads Red [SILVER], Kingfisher [BRONZE], Hayes White, Nomads Black, Croydon [POOL WINNERS], Hayes Blue, Bearsted, Trojans Black, Bec


Bromley [GOLD], Tornadoes [SILVER], Harrow Vultrix, Bearsted, Trojans


A bunch of KENTS [GOLD]

Nomads Red Giants [SILVER]

Nomads2, KV1, Nomads1, Farnborough2

Tornadoes Whirlwinds [Pool 2 Winner], Southampton Uni1, UEAncients, Bearsted2, Tornadoes Tempests, Tornadoes Monsoons

CKC & Friends [Pool 3 Winner], Oxford ISIS, Banterbury, Bec, Nomads3, KV2

Simple CKC [Pool 4 Winner], Farnborough1, Supernova, Reading Uni2, Southampton City, Harrow Vultrix

Bearsted1 [Pool 5 Winner], Oskars CKC, Tornadoes Storm/Southampton Uni2, Bucks Royals, Reading Uni 1

What a great turn out for some korf in the sun! Thanks again to all of the volunteers, coaches, parents and of course players! We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

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