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Challenge Ant

I'm sure most of you will have had the pleasure of my company at some stage over the years. In fact many of you will have known me for longer than either of us would care to admit...some 20 plus years and you still can't get rid of me! Those who haven't either played with or watched me during my 'illustrious' Korfing career...need only ask around briefly to find out running isn't exactly my greatest strength! There are only two things that get me moving sharply; a death stare from Ana O and fundraising for a worthy cause. Since I no longer get the weekly death stare...I've decided to undergo a set of challenges to keep me moving and raise funds for a cause close to heart. This Sunday marks the start of these challenges, kicking off with a half marathon around the Royal Parks of London. I'll then be tackling the London Marathon April next year, before taking on two runs too daunting to mention later in 2019. All the details can be found on my justgiving page: Any donations would be greatly appreciated. They'll help keep me motivated when the going gets tough. Big thanks again to all those who have already donated!

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