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Korfstock 2017: Birthday Boy held at 2-2 in Final

Last Saturday, Team Nomads ticked off another summer tournament to feed their fix of Korfball followed by heavy drinking. This time it was Korfstock hosted by the MK Lakers.

With 7 of the 9 members of the team feeling relatively fresh from Paris, club throwback Lauren Miller, and Osian Nixon (on loan from Southampton) completed the line up. Feeling worse than most, jet-setter Bex managed to complete the trilogy of visiting Paris, Berlin and Milton Keynes all within one week.

Nomads' victory campaign went to plan in the morning, winning all their games bar one which which they drew. Abby Golding was popping in her typical long shot and Alex and Creno chipping in their usuals from under the basket, but goals were being drawn from all members of the team. Even Bex Humphries, running on Surrey's weakest MCL, sort-of-maybe-halfheartedly returned from injury to play.

Nomads had perfected the formula of winning games without overheating too much, whilst participating in on-court top quality banter (subject to discussion). A special shout out as every member of the Nomads team completed a reffing commitment in the day.

Meanwhile, George decided to form his own team under the name - London Silly Nannies U27s (a faint reference from one Family Guy episode).

His team went unbeaten the whole day, only conceding 8 goals before heading into the final.

The second half of the day saw Nomads storm through all their games to make it to the final to face... you've guessed it, birthday babe and currently dead to us, George's team.

After some puzzling captains' handshakes, the game got underway with Tamika scoring a runner in the first attack. Only to be responded with by a Steve Carter long-bomb to level the match and force a switch.

With George's division in attack, he took no time to put his newly-formed team ahead with a fadeaway to make it 2-1 (followed by muted celebrations in respect for the opposing team).

Into defense, former-Nomad Jack Faulkner faced-off against former-Nomad Terry Forde. In a clash of the titans, many thought it would go down in history. In a last-ditch act of defense, Jack gave away a penalty against Terry, with the opportunity to equalise.

But, Terry missed, and the ball was released back into the Silly Nannies attack. In an event of déjà vu (nailed it), the chance was taken and Terry forced a switch into the final few minutes.

Then, we heard Luke James' final whistle - Korfstock would go to a best of 5 penalty shoot-out, with Nomads to shoot first.

Alex Bell (Nomads) - Scores 1-0

Merrick Lloyd (LSN) - Misses 1-0

Terry Forde (Nomads) - Scores 2-0

Jack Faulkner (LSN) - Misses 2-0

Daniel Crenol (Nomads) - Misses 2-0

Steve Carter (LSN) - Misses 2-0

Abby Golding (Nomads) - Scores 3-0


Thank you to the MK Lakers for hosting and organising a really enjoyable tournament, and we hope to see you again next year!

Another one for the trophy cabinet... #NomadsSummerSweep 🏆🏆

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