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Nomads Awards 16/17: The Sytze Sweep

Sunday 25th June saw the Nomads Awards ’17 - an afternoon at our home of Peaches Close to celebrate all of the great things that Nomads have been up to this season. As well as the awards, there were lots of fun ‘sports day’ themed races, as well as pizza by the truck load.

The rain managed to hold off as Nomads stars took part in the egg and spoon, three-legged and sack races, as well as a two hotly contested tug of war events. Who would’ve thought we’d be a competitive lot?

With the votes counted and verified by an independent adjudicator, the time came for the original cult hero Bex to dish out the awards to their victors.

Full list of award winners for 2017 are as follows:

1st Team MVP - Heather Ifeyinwa

2nd Team MVP - Alex Smith

3rd Team MVP - Brian Carswell

4th Team MVP - Matt Burrows

5th Team MVP - Lol More

Most Improved Squad Member - Amy Smith

Most Improved Club Member - Sam Carswell

Best Newcomer - Dan Crenol

Rebekah Humphries Cult Hero Award - Georgie Booth

Korf Idol - Sytze Bijker

1972 Award - Tamika Zilm

Coach’s Player - Sytze Bijker

A big thanks to Georgie and Tamika for organising.

You all better be on your best korfing form next season for the 2018 awards.

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