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Croydon 2 vs Nomads 3

We've had lots of Korfball throughout January and it's been great to watch for all the results and scorers check out Fixtures Live. Here is a little summary of our most recent match, as always more photos are up on Flickr!

*match report based on true events

Match reports are a difficult thing when you only think about writing one 5 minutes before the end of the game, but thanks to the post-truth era we are currently in, that won’t stop me.

This weekend saw Nomads 3 take on Croydon 2 at Royal Russell. The starting line-up was an eclectic mix of players ranging from the backbone of the 3rd team Brian Carswell to the surprise return of cult figure Bex Humphries.

The first half saw a pretty evenly fought game between Nomads and Croydon, and with a premature line-up change seeing John Williams off for Dan Crenol (who had just played the game previously). Both sides didn’t let either pull away and although the ball didn’t drop as much as it should have for Nomads, the first half ended with Nomads 2 goals down (could’ve not been 2 goals, but probably was. Why not?).

The second half started with an injured Humphries’ substitution which was met with a standing ovation from both the Nomads and Croydon crowd. Replacing Humphries was Cara Allan, showing her how it should be done.

Tamika Zilm who was showcasing some unstoppable girl power on the pitch had already got herself a hat trick by half time, and had managed to double this tally to finish the game with 6 goals on the sheet (or it could’ve been 2 in the first half, 4 in the second. The 6 part is definitely correct though). Zilm’s long shot put Nomads in the lead by 1 – which was short lived with a responding Croydon goal.

A slow end change from the Croydon side lead to another Nomads goal after Rivers whipped the ball towards Crenol who scores it. This again was quickly answered by Croydon to pull back the draw to 12-12. The next goal was again for Nomads with Brian(?) scoring one of his classic runners. Croydon managed to scrape it back to a draw at 13 just as the final whistle blew.

A solid score for an unusual Nomads line-up. Points are points. When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.

Thanks to our mystery guest writer for that enlightening insight into the match!

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