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A strong performance against last years finalists!

This week saw four Nomads teams playing away. The 1s and 2s were at Whitgift to face Bec 1&2 and Nomads 3s/4s were in North London to play Highbury 1 and 2.

All the photos from the weekend are as usual up on Flickr, but I've included a couple to give you a taster!

Tamika with the pace and she scores it!

Nomads 1 (14) faced Bec 1 (22) in a competitive match. A similar story to Trojans last week, nomads held their ground pushing the team in yellow for the first half. Nomads were in the lead 08-06 until the 25th minute, it was a very promising start!

A lapse in concentration towards the end of the half meant Bec took the lead and went into half time 11-08 up. This continued with the home team pulling further away before Nomads could recover.

This lead to a final score of 22-14, there was a lot to take away from this as it proved that Nomads have the potential to beat them and is a real boost for the squad.

A special mention to Abby Golding who had her debut in what was a tough match. Although it was always going to be a steep learning curve she held her own and took her shots!

Nomads 2 (5) gave there all against Bec 2 (14) as well but eventually losing 14-5. Again this was a good performance but the large hall and some lack of experience on the team being our downfall.

Simon with the drop off shot!

Thank-you to Colin Boys who did a great job coaching both teams!

Unfortunately Nomads 3 and 4 didn't fair much better losing to highbury 1 and 2 final scores:

Highbury 1 (18) v Nomads 3 (10)

Highbury 2 (22) v Nomads 4 (3)

Nomads will be looking turn this around next week when all 1s 2s 4s and 5s are at home! See fixtures live for more info.

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