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Thank you to all our volunteers! The Nomads summer tournament wouldn't be the same without you.

If you have ever hosted a Korfball tournament you will know what a massive undertaking it is and the time, work and thought that goes into every aspect. At Nomads we are very lucky to have a family of fantastic volunteers who do so much throughout the year!

Our tournament really is one of the biggest events of our calendar, with over 47 teams turning up to enjoy the day, and as such seems the perfect opportunity to thank everyone involved. We have made an effort to list some of those who make it all possible so they get the recognition they deserve, but there are so many more all doing their bit.

We have put together a Time-Lapse of the entire day, that's over 10hrs in 2 minutes, which shows the scale of the event but doesn't even start to capture the weeks of preparation and thought.

So here it goes, THANKS to...

Equipment Set-up/Shutdown: Geoff, Simon, Sytze and Brian - and many many others, they know who they are!! They make it look easy and it isn't - includes going down during week to check all equipment, pull out/sort all tapes in prep, and going to Croydon during the week with whom we have an equipment exchange in place for our tournaments. Our members work hard to leave the ground spotless.

Desk: Cara, Shelly, Jan, Jackie with help from Lol & Bondy (& Sally collecting pounds and pennies) . The work leading up to the tournament includes coming up with format that will work within time frame, and within equipment limit whilst giving enough games for everyone ... this changes every year based on entries.

Food: Mary, Andy, Sue, Helen, Paula & Keith. This starts with brekkie for the 'workers' at 8am and includes butcher quality orders and all the shopping and home-baked goodies from Sue.

Tombola: Mary & Emma, Ben & Joe (whose Nomads cupcakes also sold out). Mary & Emma collect & store Tombola items all year-round for this... thanks to all club members who have made donations.

Bucket Lottery raising £145 for club and £145 for winner: Emma + Friends

Cheam Sports Club of course! Especially for opening up early to give us access.

Junior Managers & Parents - tough job! A MASSIVE thank you to Claire and Tom who coached our juniors for the day (to Gold! with all but one of our kids remaining U11 for another year!)

To all the Referees, Players...

So many people around the club help in their own way ... from the kindness of a drink being delivered to a helper when they can't get away, to the quiet person appearing alongside you when things get hectic ready to help, and the thoughtful person simply asking for a rubbish sack to do a walk around. To the junior parent who does a milk run to the village to keep the teas flowing!! Thanks to all.

Same again next year?

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