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Head Coach Announcement

Nomads are pleased to announce that Peter Allan will be taking on the role of Squad & Club Coach from September 2021.

  • Club Training will return to Glyn on Monday September 13th, juniors 6.30pm, seniors 7.30pm.

  • Squad training will return to Epsom College on Wednesday September 15th, 8pm.

Peter coached Mitcham to multiple league titles, leading them to compete in the Europa Cup in Antwerp, Arnhem, Papendrecht and St Etienne. He also coached Croydon to a position that qualified them for the Europa Shield (a competition Peter was instrumental in the creation of, along with National Youth Day). Other coaching credentials include coaching Supernova's promotion into the National League, coaching Cambridge Uni to the National Student Championships title and, of course, coaching England U23s at the European and World Championships.

Peter - a recipient of the International Korfball Federation (IKF) Badge of Honour - has also refereed Netherlands v. Belgium on six occasions, including the final of the World Championships in New Delhi.

We are excited about what the future holds for Nomads, whether you are an existing/experienced member, a young up and coming player joining the seniors, a graduating student looking to join a club where you can compete at the top level, or someone seeking a new challenge (moving from netball/basketball or indeed from another Korfball club).

Our squad compete in the National League and London Regional League (we also have teams in the London Leagues) - if you want a new challenge, we welcome enquiries (squad places available) ... contact


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