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Nomads 1 (24) vs Norwich Knights 1 (24)

In an unbeaten day for Nomads teams at Epsom College, the first team recorded a draw against Norwich Knights.

Whilst both sides would have been disappointed not to win, a narrow defeat would have been cruel on either side in what was a fiercely competitive game.

The game started badly for Nomads, having gone 0-1 down before Bijker levelled. An injury to Carina Lamelas led to Coach Teague having to reshuffle his pack earlier than expected. Abby Golding came on to replace Lamelas.

Knights took the lead before Heather Ikwuemesi scored her first with a running in shot.

The Norfolk side took the lead again before Nomads rallied take the lead again, Bijker and Ikwuemesi with the goals again. 4-3.

Norwich levelled for 4-4 and Nomads hit their rhythm, Irwin and then Osbourne taking the score to 6-4.

Irwin taking a shot from the outside.

Teague then rolled his dice again, replacing Abby Golding with Amy Smith, who joined her brother in going from Nomads junior set up to a first team appearance before the age of 18. A fine achievement and she would not look out of place in this game.

The positive news continued as Nomads extended their lead to 8-4. Ikwuemesi with her third and Emma Cole with her first of the game.

Norwich called a time out to rally their team. An unusual missed penalty followed before they pulled it back to 8-5.

Osbourne made it 9-5 with a runner before Norwich Knights showed great composure and spirit to charge back into the match.

Five goals without reply took them to a 9-10 lead. Ean left the field for Olly Bell before rejoining, replacing Dinos Tritsarolis as a tactical switch aimed to take the game back into the home sides control.

Two penalties followed, one converted by Alex Bell, the other by Sytze Bijker who then added another from open play before a text book free pass conversion from Heather Ikwuemesi made it 13-10.

Knights pulled one back before Tritsarolis replaced Olly Bell.

Bijker again from close to the basket and an Ikwuemesi runner gave Nomads a creditable 15-12 half time lead.

Norwich drew first blood in the second half, scoring two before Bijker extended the lead back out to 16-14, scoring off the back of the Korf.

The opposition rallied again though, levelling the game at 16-16 and leading to Nomads calling their first time out.

Irwin was replaced by Olly Bell as Coach Teague skillfully used his rolling subs to react to the game.

Knights took the lead before Bijker and Ikwuemesi hit the scoresheet again for 18-17.

Goals were traded again, 18-18, 19-18 (Bijker, again) 19-19, 20-19 (this time Alex Bell turning neatly under the post).

Irwin returned to the game in place of Tritsarolis but Knights rallied yet again, three without reply this time for 20-22.

Olly Bell from the corner for 21-22, Knights again for 21-23 before Irwin, Bijker and Alex Bell from the penalty spot gave Nomads the lead 24-23.

Knights were not to be thwarted though and levelled before the game simply ran out of time to find a winner.

A hard won draw fought in good spirit by both sides.

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