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0 losses for 2017!

A huge well done to all the nomads teams at the weekend! It was tense for every team with a great atmosphere for every game!

Nomads 1,2,3 and 4 all played at Epsom college

First up was Nomads 4 (15) against Bec 3 (11) A well fought match which was very close until the final section when the 4ths started to open up a gap. This continued meaning they looked in control for the final whistle and to take the win! Well done to our debut referee Georgie Booth who gave it a go and did a great job!

Next was the turn of Nomads 2 (20) against Croydon 1 (16), although the start wasn't quite what we had hoped going 4 goals down, we really turned it around and got into our stride taking the win. In this young team there are some real talents who showed exactly that this weekend!

The third match of the day Nomads 1 (24) vs Norwich Knights 1 (24) was always going to be a tough one and it didn't disappoint. Check out the Match Report by Nick Williams for all the ups and downs.

The final match was Nomads 3 (10) vs Bromley (10) it was close throughout and a difficult match to call against the team in orange, but as much as they tried the 3rd team couldn't quite get away and the match ended with a draw.

Thanks again to the big home crowd and well done to everyone who played!

As always for all the photos check out Flickr and for all the scorers and matches coming up take a look at Fixtures Live.

Lastly, there is a 2nds v 3rds match at Epsom College throwing off at 8:30pm Wednesday evening which will be fun to watch if you're about.

See you tonight for the first Club Training of 2017!

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