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2016 done. Bring on 2017!

There were two real nail biters for the 2s and 3s this weekend that had everyone in the crowd on the edge of their seats!

The afternoon at Royal Russell kicked off with Nomads 2 taking on Croydon 2. Following on from a convincing win last week where Nomads scored 22 goals expectations were high. Croydon 2 showed up with their game faces on and proved a much tougher opposition, testing Nomads. We fought hard for our goals, coming out victors 18-15.

It was then the turn of our 3rds who were to face Croydon 1. The last time our thirds faced Croydon 1 they unfortunately lost so there was pride at stake for this rematch. Yesterday saw the return of some of our University players - Emma Carswell (Swansea Uni) and Ollie Bell (Cambridge Uni) and they slotted back into the team as if they had never been away. The scoreline was neck and neck for the full hour, testing our players skill and our supporters nerves! The final whistle blew to a draw, 20-20. Brilliant work from our thirds.

A fantastic last couple of matches for Nomads, great to see our players giving their all and our fabulous supporters cheering us on as always.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to the korfing adventures 2017 has to bring.

All the photos are up in the usual place, thanks Anna for letting us borrow the camera!

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