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2 Weeks, 2 Games, 2 Wins!

The season is off to fantastic start with the 3rds beating Bromley and the 2nds Beating Croydon 1!

Nomads 2 played Croydon 1 with debuts from both George and Amy who definitely proved their place. It was a strong first performance for the 2nds coming away with a 20-15 victory!

The 3rds had a real fight on their hands and Dan (another new signing) has given us the highlights of an exciting match.

Nomads 3 started off the season with a close 16-15 win against a newly promoted Bromley team. The Nomads squad had a mix of experienced players and those that hadn’t played many (or any) games in the Regional League before. We made a strong start and quickly opened up a 2-goal lead. During the first half, the scoring was pretty even with our lead fluctuating between 1 and 3 goals. Half time was reached with us leading 9-7. However, we had been in control and we could have been further ahead if we had taken all our chances.

We moved further ahead at the start of the 2nd half. Consequently, the Bromley coach decided to change things and made a few substitutions and reorganised divisions to try and disrupt our rhythm. This worked for a while and we struggled with scoring, enabling Bromley to tie the game at 14 all. Following a time out, we regained our composure and scored 2 quick goals. Bromley managed to pull 1 back but we held on for an important win to start the season, albeit after a bit of confusion when the scoreboard clock finished quite a while before the match did!

Nomads 3 play again against Croydon 2 today at Royal Russell School with a 10am Kick-off.

Come on you reds!!

If stats is your thing check out Nomads on Fixtures Live with results, scorecards and fixtures for all our teams!

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